timmyTimmy is one of RFSL Stockholm’s most versatile rooms, and can be found by walking straight from the main door. In Timmy, there are several cozy armchairs, a whiteboard, a projector and a TV, and the wall is covered with posters from a number of Swedish and international films with LGBTrelated content.

Timmy can hold a maximum of 20 people. Following the room’s versatility, it can be used for many things, including meetings, film screenings, games evenings and mingles. The room should preferably be booked in advance, as it is popular among RFSL Stockholm’s activities and membership groups. Because of Timmy’s large furniture, the room is one of the least accessible in RFSL Stockholm premises, but this can be remedied by setting the furniture against the wall.

About Timmy
Timmy was the first Swedish club for gay people, situated at Timmermansgatan 24 in Stockholm. Timmy was started by the RFSL branches Diana and Kretsen in 1964. The premises was used until February 1988, when RFSL Stockholm moved to the House, Sveavägen 59.