Pontus Wikner

pontus2The room Pontus Wikner is found at the immediate left as you enter through the door to RFSL Stockholm premises. In this room, there are two tables, several chairs, a whiteboard and a green couch with the word “lesbian” written in many different languages.

The room holds about 20-25 people, and is well suited for meetings, group exercises or smaller lectures. Pontus Wikner is separated by a folding wall from the locale Charlotte, which makes it possible to combine the two rooms into one (read more on the page Pontus/Charlotte). The door’s width is about 80 centimeters, which is sufficient for most types of wheelchairs to pass through.

About Pontus Wikner
Pontus Wikner (1837-1888) is considered as the gay identity’s pioneer in Sweden. Wikner was an associate professor of philosophy lecturer at Uppsala University, as well as an author. His book “Psychological confessions” was first published in 1971. In the book, he writes frankly about his homosexuality and presents thoughts about gay marriage.