kretsenKretsen is one of RFSL Stockholm smaller rooms. It is located behind Hyllan in the middle of RFSL Stockholm premises. Kretsen contains a small table and some chairs, and a curtain that blocks out parts of the room.

Kretsen can hold a maximum of 10 people. The room is suitable mainly as a small meeting space or as a work room for smaller groups. The room can also be used for smaller workshops on theme days and as a dressing room. The doorway to Kretsen is about 80 centimeters, which most types of wheelchairs should be able to fit in.

About Kretsen
Kretsen was Sweden’s first local association for gay men, formed in Stockholm in 1956. The organization held its parties in the IOGT premises at Bondegatan. They even had an office and meeting room on Majorsgatan. In 1972,  Kretsen was merged with the association Diana (an association for lesbians), changing its name to RFSL Stockholm.