hyllanHyllan is the largest room at the RFSL Stockholm headquarters, and lies at the center of our premises. Hyllan is often full of activity arranged by our member groups, projects or support activities. It is a natural focal point where new contacts easily can be created. At Hyllan, you can find cozy armchairs and sofas, a pool table and table football.

The locale is well suited for theme days, annual meetings, parties, celebrations or major social events. About 100 people can be at Hyllan at the same time. It can be rearranged to suit many different types of events or meetings. In connection with Hyllan is the kitchen, which can be used if food is part of the event. You can also open a pane in the glass ceiling, if the weather permits it.

Four steps separates Hyllan from the rest of the room. However, there is a ramp that can be used for people with mobility impairments in order for them to get up there too. The accessibility at Hyllan varies depending on how it is furnished.