charlotteThe room Charlotte is located at the far end towards the street in RFSL Stockholm premises, and is accessed by passing through the room Pontus Wikner, which is immediately to the left of the main door.

Charlotte can hold approximately 20-25 people, depending on how the tables in the room are furnished. There is a large whiteboard in the room, making he room well suited for meetings, lectures and small classes. The accessibility of the room varies depending on how the tables are furnished. There is a minor height difference between Charlotte and Pontus Wikner, where the folding wall separates the rooms.

Like previously mentioned, Charlotte is separated from  Pontus Wikner via a folding wall. The rooms may be used and booked together, allowing for events where up to 50 people are involved (read more about it on page Pontus/Charlotte).

About Charlotte
Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (1928-2002), is a legendary trans person born as Lothar Berfelde. Charlotte grew up in Germany with a nazi father, and later lived in East Germany where she started her own museum. The museum became famous within the gay community of Berlin. Among other things, she wrote the auto biography Ich bin meine eigene Frau (I am my own wife), which has been the foundation for both movies and theatre. In 1997, she moved to Porla Brunn outside Laxå where she stayed until her death.