ammiAmmi is the smallest room that can be booked in RFSL Stockholm’s premises, and is next to Kretsen behind Hyllan. The room is furnished with comfy chairs and a small glass table.

Ammi can hold a maximum of six people, although it can fit a bit more if Ammi’s chairs are replaced with smaller chairs. Ammi is suitable mainly for working group meetings, informal gatherings and for example game nights. The accessibility is limited, as the room’s vacant area is small due to the furniture. The doorway is about 80 centimeters wide, which is enough for most wheelchairs to pass through.

About Ammi
Ammi Helmadotter (1957-2001) worked at RFSL Stockholm between 1993-1999. She worked with two core issues education from a gender perspective and promoting the visibility and acceptance of homosexual parents. She wrote, among other things, “The handbook for gay parentswith Ann-Christin Jansson and ran the RFSL Stockholm school information activities. Ammi was also a member of the RFSL board.