Become a member

How do you become a member?
You can become a RFSL Stockholm in several different ways.

One way is here on the Internet, through following this link to RFSL’s website.

If you do not want to pay the member fee over the Internet, you can pay in cash. If you want to do that, please contact us through e-mailing

What do you need to pay to become a member?
The member fee for RFSL is 100 SEK per year. If you have recently migrated to Sweden, the membership fee is 10 SEK per year.

You who are under the age of 30 will automatically receive at RFSL Ungdom (RFSL Youth).

What do I get as a member?
As a member, you will receive the following:

  • Access to RFSL’s membership pages where you can chat with other members.
  • A monthly newsletter with information on what is happening in RFSL Stockholm.
  • The right to participate in RFSL Stockholm’s annual meeting and the opportunity to attend the RFSL congress.
  • The opportunity to be an activist in RFSL Stockholm.
  • The opportunity to start a new member’s group and use the premises at the House, Sveavägen 59.

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