Our ambition is that RFSL Stockholm premises and the events that occur there should be accessible to everyone. Below, you will find information about the premises and how to get here.

Find your way here
RFSL Stockholm premises, also known as Huset (the House), are located on Sveavägen 59, metro Rådmansgatan, exit Tegnérgatan.

Get inside
When you get to the House, you can either call for RFSL Stockholm or enter the access code (if you have a code). The premises are located on floor one. To get to the lift, you need to go up three steps, alternatively use the stairlift. The elevator requires a code to be used, so if you’re in charge of a meeting or group, make sure you have access to the code. Read more about the instructions and codes below.

After the first stairs, there are two more stairs of approximately ten steps each. If you need a lift, there are two small elevators that open via a automatic door opener (press the button twice).

If you come by a wheel chair or an electrical wheelchair, the easiest way in is through the back of the House, on Saltmätargatan 18th. If you choose that path, there must be someone inside the premises that can let you in, and have access to the elevtor key.

Inside the RFSL Stockholm premises, on the 1st floor, there is an extra large bathroom. There is also ramp that will enable you to get onto Hyllan, a raised part of the premises. The ramp is not permanently mounted but is almost always available for use.

Code to the stairlift
Enter the code 2102. The elevator can now run for 3 minutes.

How to use the buttons

> (Down)

P (parking, unfolds the platform).

The buttons must be pressed down for the elevator to move. Both bars must be fully lowered for the elevator to run.

If the car is parked in the bottom position and you want to go up, use the buttons as follows:

push > platform is unfolded

put the wheelchair on the platform

push <

remove the wheelchair from the platform

push P

If the car is parked  in its upper position and you want to go down: press <

Call the elevator, press <

Call down the elevator, press >

Park the elevator in the position where you got off.

Sign language
Events or membership meetings at RFSL Stockholm are interpreted through sign language if deemed necessary.

If you have questions, comments or requests concerning accessibility, send an e-mail to us at

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