School information

Every year RFSL Stockholm’s school information meets about 8000 young people throughout the county. Usually we visit the intermediate secondary schools, often in connection with theme days. However, we can see that more and more educators choose to take up LGBTQ issues (homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender, and queer) and heteronormativity even under different topics, such as: social studies, life skills or biology. We also visit other types of youth groups, such as confirmation groups, sports clubs and leisure centers.

Below is a brief presentation of what a school information from RFSL Stockholm looks like.

A school information from RFSL Stockholm means that two trained communicators meets students/young people and inform them about hetero normativity and LGBT people’s living conditions in a hetero normative society. Our sessions are always 90 minutes long and we work in groups of about 25 students/youths. In general, we talk Swedish in our lessons, but we can also deliver lessons in English. The professional communicators always work in pairs, and we let the informant savings implement a maximum of three lessons to each other during a single day.

We are always sure to set aside time during class sessions to allow young people to ask questions and discuss topics related to LGBTQ issues and hetero normativity. We work on the basis that no questions regarding LGBTQ and hetero normativity is too large or difficult.

The main focus during our sessions is not on the communicator’s own life stories but rather to discuss norms regarding gender and sexuality and what types of norms that exist in people’s lives. We always highlight how norms are related to power and status, and together with the young people we discuss how norms affect everyone’s lives, not just LGBTQ people.

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