LGBTQ mentor program

Are you gay, bi, trans or queer, and under the age of 25? Do you want to talk to someone who knows what it is about?

At, you can get an LGBTQ mentor to chat about anything and everything that you think is important. An LGBTQ mentor is an adult who has experience in thinking about their gender identity, their sexuality and how to be themselves among others things. is part of a project called Trampoline. Trampoline is a three year project between 2012-2014 with support from the Heritage Fund (Arvsfonden) in which RFSL Stockholm runs the mentoring program online for young LGBTQ people aged 13-25 years.

At, young LGBTQ people have the opportunity to talk with a mentor who has experience of being LGBTQ and that can be a support and a guide in young people’s lives, both inside and outside the LGBT community. can also act as a bridge to introdue the young people to other activities within RFSL Stockholm.

If you have questions about the project, contact the project manager Jojo Stenberg by e-mailing or by calling 08-501 629 53.

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