Children of our time

Barn av vår tid (Children of our time) is a project that aims to support and strengthen children in rainbow families and LGBTQ persons who are or wants to become parents.

This is done by creating safe spaces where rainbow families and those who wish to become parents can come together and meet others in similar situations. We organize support groups, parent seminars and social venues. These activities will continue during the project period, three years, and hopefully a long time there after.

We have also create the website that contains accurate, specific and updated information on the legal, political and practical issues that are relevant for the target group.

During the project we also offer trainings to professionals that meets the target audience to increase awareness of LGBT issues and to ensure that all families are to be acknowledged on equal terms. Barn av vår tid will run for three years, starting april 2014.

Barn av vår tid is funded by Arvsfonden and we will during the project collaborate with
MVC Mamma Mia Södermalm, Association for surrogacy, DU (the anti-discrimination office in Uppsala) and Femmis.

Do you want to know more about the project or participate in the social and supportive activities? Send an email to hbtqfamiljer(at)

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