Lambda sports club

Lambda sports club is a member group within RFSL Stockholm focusing on sports and exercise. Since Lambda sports club started, the club has steadily grown. The sports, teams and activities available within Lambda IF depends on the members themselves.

aQtiviTet is a group that organizes activities for all transgender people and all others who do not see themselves as cis persons. Our focus is to create a variety of activities exempt from gender norms. Along with RFSL Stockholm, we arrange swimming events a couple of times a year. To learn more, please read about the group on, or mail to

Gay gymnasitics
The Gay gymnastics group work out on Sundays 6 p.m to 7 p.m in the aerobics room “Annex” at St. Eriksgatan 63, 2nd floor down. The training is designed as a workout on aerobics, with fitness, coordination and stretching. An equally important part as the exercise is the social gatherings afterwards, where we go out for a bite to eat afterwards. Welcome!

Lambda sports club also has a football section for women, which trains and plays matches regularly. The latest years, the team has been very successful, so if you identify yourself as a woman and want to play fottball on a higher level, make sure to contact us!

Contact us!
If you want to get in touch with Lambda sports club, or any of the specific sections of Lambda, please e-mail

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