Black Coffee HBTQ

We’re loud! We’re here! We’re black and we’re queer!
Black Coffee HBTQ är en separatistic, feministic och anti-racist group by and for black African Swedish LGBTQ+ people. Black Coffee HBTQ has been around since August 2015, and is a sibling organisation of Black Coffee, the separatistic organisation for black African Swedes.
The organisation supports black LGBTQ+ people and provides a safe space, as well as raises the black voice in the white norm LGBTQ-movement and raises our issues in the hetero- and cis- normative anti-racist fight.
We are a secret group on Facebook. If you want to be invited or have questions, contact the group’s founders/admins Juliet Atto och Samuel Girma, on Facebook or through e-mail: We are also on social media as @BlackCoffeeHBTQ.