For women identified

Our sexuality allows us to have amazing experiences. We can have sex for a variety of reasons: desire, lust, love, passion, affection, excitement and curiosity. A good way to figure out what you like is to have sex with yourself, to test sexual acts that you are interested in and through that find what you enjoy. Then you can tell others what you prefer and explore all the wonderful experiences that you can have through sex.

What is safer sex for women who have sex with women?
Sex between women (biological female bodies) is a form of safer sex. When women have sex with other women, the risk of getting HIV is very small. However, there are some simple things you can consider in order to minimize risks and keep track of your health.

  • If you share sex toys with others, use a condom on the toys
  • Change the condom between each person if you take turns using the toys
  • Also, replace the condom if you switch between the vagina and anus on the same person
  • Continue to visit the checks for cell changes that you might be called to, even if you only have sex with women
  • Getting tested regularly is a good way to keep track of your health and to be able to treat possible infections at an early stage.

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