The board

On this page, you will find information about the board of RFSL Stockholm and how to contact the board members.

This is the board as elected Sept.11 2016

Andrés Esteche – President
Telefon: 076-787 65 51

Peter Sidlund Ponkala – vice President
Telefon: 076-787 65 52

Jenny Malmén – Treasurer

Fej Matti Ganebo Skantz – Secretary

Mats Christiansen
Mats Christiansen – Board member

Åsa Öckerman
Åsa Öckerman – Board member

Patrik Eriksson – Board member

Yaminna Nefzi – Board member

Joanna Mellquist – Board member

Thora L Norgård – Board member

Elin Danielsson – Alternate

Jòn Alaiwan – Alternate

Noora Alsabek – Alternate

Saga Becker – Alternate

Sandra Johansdotter – Alternate

To get in touch with the organisation in general, or with the people managing this website, contact:


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